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Why recycle?

It is estimated that 35,000 Tonnes of waste plastic packaging, sheeting, silage and crop films are produced by farms in England and Wales. The disposal of this agricultural waste is a huge problem as the practice of burning plastic is illegal (Clean Air Act 1993). A fine of up to £20,000 can be imposed for contravening this Act.

Burying plastic provides no solution for disposal as it does not break down and works its way back to the surface, causing drainage problems. Therefore, recycling offers the only sustainable solution to the disposal of this waste plastic.

What we do

Farm Plastics Recycled collect the waste plastic direct from farms in and around the counties of Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester and Shropshire and take it back to their centre at Ledbury for sorting and baling. It is then economically transported to the plastics recycling plant where it is recycled into imitation timber used for benches, fencing, decking, street furniture etc.


What you do

All the farmer needs to do is keep the bale wrap free from netting and string, gather any silage sheeting and feed bags into one pile (not indoors) which is accessible by vehicle for loading. The trailer is self-loading with a weighlink attached enabling each grab-full to be weighed before being loaded on to the trailer. The collection charge is dependent on the weight of the plastic loaded and therefore the farmer can decide how much polythene is to be taken away at each collection.


The collection charge is £125 + VAT per tonne and there are approximately 500-600 wraps to 1 tonne.

(If you have less than ½ tonne there is a minimum collection charge of £62.50 + VAT).


A Collection Certificate for Farm Assurance, Supermarkets and Environmental Schemes is issued by post.

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